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Remembering Alice


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About Alice...

Alice was a remarkable Thames Sailing barge that has etched its legacy in the waters of the Solent.

Standing tall at an impressive 23.5 meters in length, Alice gracefully navigated the shallower depths of the Solent with a draught of just 1.1 meters, distinguishing her from larger yachts and making her a perfect vessel for this coastal haven.

With her magnificent sails spanning 3,500 square feet, including a mainsail, topsail, foresail, staysails, and mizzen, Alice embraced the winds of adventure, capturing the hearts of all who sailed with her.

Equipped with a 125hp diesel engine, she effortlessly traversed the Solent, allowing guests to soak in the breath taking views while relishing in her gentle pace.


Stepping into the enchanting interiors of Alice and you discovered a world of elegance and comfort. Her spacious cabins, ranging in size, offered separate crew quarters and provided a restful sanctuary for guests.

The grand saloon, spanning 500 square feet, welcomed up to 20 guests, offering ample seating and even four sofa beds for overnight stays. With cabins accommodating two to three people,

Alice boasted a total of 15 beds, each adorned with central heating, large flat-screen TVs, and high-quality sound systems. Three well-appointed toilet facilities, including one with a power shower and another with a bath, ensured utmost convenience and luxury.


Alice was a vessel that catered to all, embracing the needs of taller individuals with her generous 8ft standing headroom. The spacious interiors offered a sense of freedom, alleviating concerns of discomfort or confinement often experienced in other vessels.


Safety was paramount aboard Alice, with two eight-person life rafts and 18 lifejackets readily available for any unforeseen circumstances.


Alan, was always prepared to navigate even the rarest of challenges, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all passengers. Most people who remember Alice will remember Alan, the amazing host and Captain of Alice, who leaves unforgettable memories as much as the boat does.


Over the years, Alice played host to a diverse array of charters, creating lasting memories for hundreds of guests who experienced the magic of sailing with her. From raucous stag and hen dos to joyous birthday parties, Alice was the perfect setting for celebrations that left guests in awe. She provided an ideal backdrop for laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences.


The Solent witnessed countless laughter-filled gatherings, as guests revelled in the joy of being aboard Alice, surrounded by friends, family, and the breath taking coastal vistas. Alice was not just a vessel for celebrations but also a vessel for reflection and remembrance. Many chose to honour their loved ones by scattering ashes at sea, finding solace and closure in the peaceful embrace of the Solent. With compassion and respect, Alice carried these precious memories, forever etching them into the depths of the waters she called home.


Corporate charters and team-building adventures found their place on Alice's storied deck as well. Companies and organizations embraced the unique opportunity to strengthen bonds and foster collaboration amidst the tranquility of the Solent. Alice provided a platform for team-building exercises, encouraging communication, problem-solving, and the forging of lasting connections.


Alice's legacy is one of love, laughter, and the shared human experience. Countless individuals, from all walks of life, found inspiration and pure joy aboard this magnificent vessel.


The testimonials page of Remembering Alice are adorned with heartfelt memories, each capturing a unique perspective and a fragment of the love and admiration that countless guests held for her.


As we reflect on the countless voyages aboard Alice, we invite you to join us in celebrating the remarkable legacy of this majestic vessel.


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